NeuSemi adheres to IRATA, the five core values that drive our corporate culture. We build trust between our management and employees and with our partners. We believe trust can only be built upon integrity and mutual respect. We therefore hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism. Accountability is part of the Chinese value system, where we tend to label people being reliable or unreliable, those who can or cannot be counted upon, based on what they do against what they say. We strive to be Kao-Pu by delivering to the fullest extent of what we commit and only accept to do more or better than what we say. We encourage our teams to work with each other, understanding that individually we have limitations but by tapping into everyone's strengths, we make happen the impossible. We believe, together, we can achieve what we are here for, which is to best represent the products and solutions we bring to the market to enable the most competitive and advanced systems/subsystems. 

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