Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, NeuSemi is the leading channel partner for semiconductor companies. We represent companies who lead the supply base in all semiconductor product categories, supporting all application areas in communciations, automtoive, industrial and medical and mass markets. While we provide full logistic services to our customers, we also commit to provide strong technical expertise to win designs for our upstream principals, bringing market opportuniteis to their arm's length.

NeuSemi employs around 900 people, boasting around 200 technical sales and 125 field applications engineering staff active in all application areas, strategically located in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, and other cities in China. NeuSemi achieved $2.48 billion (18bn RMB) in revenues in 2023 .

We are a part of the larger family of Huaqiang Industry, a US$2billion capitalized public enterprise on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1997. Huaqiang is a renowned brand in China's electronics landscape, controlling an electronics ecosystem complete with online and offline distribution networks, technology incubation and investment, industry analysis and information services, and etc.

NeuSemi is founded on IRATA, which represents the five core values we practice: Integrity, Respect, Accountabilty, Teamwork and Achievement. We look forward to building a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners, upstream and downstream alike.

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